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Riding through Menopause

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Riding through menopause: in conversation with Anita Bean and Dr Nicky Keay
Did you know women can spend a third of their lives in menopause (British Menopause Society)
A unique opportunity to meet world-renowned experts from the field of women’s hormonal health, nutrition and exercise for a live online workshop designed to empower everyone to take control of their menopause experience.
Whether you’re experiencing perimenopause, menopause and taking HRT (or not) and you want to improve your lifestyle or that of women around you, this workshop is for you. Sponsored by SunVitD3.
Your host & guests
Kate Auld: Host and Founder of The Personal Cyclist®. Home | The personal cyclist. Kate is a British Cycling coach offering personalised bike confidence support and cycling experiences to firms and individuals of all abilities. The Personal Cyclist of Harrogate getting adults on their bikes around North Yorkshire | Yorkshire Post. Kate’s written for The Telegraph, Red, Queen of Retreats and Family Traveller and offers a bespoke bike concierge service from Conde Nast UK Hotel of the Year Grantley Hall, Yorkshire.
Dr Nicky Keay: medical doctor specialising in exercise endocrinology and female hormones. Nicky is the author of Hormones, Health and Human Potential: A Guide to Understanding Your Hormones to Optimise Your Health & Performance. Nicky provides a personalised approach to female hormone health, offering health advisory appointments. Nicky is Honorary Clinical Lecturer, Division of Medicine, University College London.
Anita Bean: Award-winning registered nutritionist, author, health writer and former British bodybuilding champion. She is the author of 30 books including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition and The Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook. She is the nutritionist for the London Marathon and writes for Cycling Weekly, Good Housekeeping and Waitrose Food
You’ll get:
1. The latest cutting-edge and evidence-based advice: separating facts from fiction
2. A better understanding of the menopause’s impact on your physiology and psychology: and how to navigate this journey
3. The personal stories of three active professionals and their menopause experience and successes helping other women
4. Practical tips proven to work: from improving the gut microbiome to personalising your HRT
5. Jargon -free, myth-busting advice for your daily life. Ideas and inspiration on how to eat, move and get in tune with your personal hormone journey
Tickets include:
Live and recorded access to the workshop
Opportunity to pose questions to our experts at the event
Exclusive discount code for SunVit D3 NHS -approved Vitamin D
Entry into prize draw to win signed copies of Anita's and Nicky’s bestselling books and a signed Women's Tour jersey, for those securing tickets before 1 October.
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: tickets £10 if purchased before 1 October 2023