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Celebrating (Otley CC) Women in Cycling

Since 2017, each year Cycling UK have listed 100 Women in Cycling to celebrate women who are encouraging others to experience the joy of cycling.

Here at Otley CC we also want to celebrate inspirational women who are leading by example - we want to share Otley CC women’s success and love of cycling in whatever form that takes. We may not be able to manage 100 straight away but there are so many stories out there that need to be told. Your personal achievement, bike-packing adventure, charity ride, race, cycling holiday, sportive or social bimble can be the encouragement that other women need to come and join us.

You can check out the Cycling UK 100 women in the link together with lots of other useful info (some of which I will hi-light in other posts on this page). To get the Otley CC 100 going we need your stories - with pictures if possible. As women we often minimise the importance of our achievements but your story can act as encouragement, inspiration and instil the belief in others not only that ‘This Girl Can’… but that THIS WOMAN DOES! I understand that not everyone feels confident posting on the website so please contact me (Sam Edwards, she/her) via otleycycleclub@gmail.com if you would like any help or to talk through an idea.