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2-Ups, and 10 Champs entry

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Over the last couple of weeks, the club has run a couple of 2-Up road bike time trial events on part of the Pennypot circuit, and despite occasional damp conditions, they've been a decent success.

I could go into details about how John Raftery and Paul Shepherd were the fastest pair both times (though on the second event partner free James Marston posted the fastest time). But I think more what I liked about these events was getting some new faces out and pinning a number on. Whilst the events needs its regulars, and I thank them, it's also positive to find something drawing new blood in.

They were logistically more challenging than some of a regular events, so I'd like offer huge thanks to those who made them happen with timekeeping, marshaling and other assorted bits.

Next week sees a return to a more classic course and solo efforts. It's also the 10mile championship event, so having trophies on offer for fastest times and best performance on handicap. First rider off at 7:00pm from Rabbit Hill in Thursday

If you want to enter, please put your name down on the event https://www.otleycycleclub.co.uk/rides/view/40 and if you can help run in please get in touch. It's in the quiet rolling course over on the A168 by Walshford, so great for novices. In addition if you can help out that will be appreciated.

Thank you

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