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Positive Pedalling

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Almost all cyclists experience some aches and pains when cycling or afterwards. Some of that might be unavoidable, but a proper bike setup that’s tailored to your individual size, shape, flexibility, strengths and weaknesses will often alleviate or remove many such issues. It may make you faster too.

Gill at Positive Pedalling will carry out a full body assessment then set up your bike on the turbo trainer. You will then be assessed on the bike measuring your joint ranges of motion and any adjustments to the bike can be made.

Riding a bike, although a low impact activity, involves repeating a limited range of motion thousands of times, with your body sat in a relatively static position. This increases the risk of discomfort or injury if you’re not set up right even on the right size bike.

For more information visit the Web Site http://www.positivepedalling.co.uk

Or email Gill Arnett Bike fitter on Positive Positioning