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OCC - public Facebook page

This Facebook group is provided as a general means of communication between club members and other related stakeholders. The discussions and comments made on each page are not the official views of the club nor the committee. Events discussed and organised on here are not necessarily official club events and are therefore not covered by the club liability insurance. Official rides and events are only those listed on the official club website.

Membership of the group is allowed to any individuals who have a genuine interest in the club and cycling in the Otley area. The group administrators have absolute control over membership of this group. Any individual not following the guidelines within this description will be removed from the group with no notice nor warning given, at the complete discretion of the administrators of this group.

Please be aware that this is an open group and even non-members of the group can see the posts. Do not post any personal information. For example, do not post information that may increase the possibility of bike theft from your house or whilst out on rides.

Commercial companies may not post any offers or commercial adverts on this Facebook group. However, with prior permission of the administrators, the club's key business supporters may post offers which are of substantial interest to the members on this Facebook group.

The Facebook group is open to all and the following will not be tolerated: foul-language; abusive or disrespectful remarks; trolling; or any other comments or posts deemed inappropriate. Other users may report posts which are inappropriate and these may be deleted by the administrators and the users possibly removed. Please also do not post comments which are not cycling related or are political or which are not of general interest to members of the group - administrators will assume they have been posted in error and posts will be removed.