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Adding a new article to the Club website

If you are reading this article, you are already part way to adding your own article.

To add an article, log on to the website.

Select ‘Groups’ from the header.

Select one of the Groups - Newsletter, Club, Women, Youth, Racing etc.

Select the “+ ADD NEW” button in the top left of the page.

Select a group (again). You can post to more than one group, but not at this stage - on completion you can copy your article so that appears in other groups.

Give your article a short Headline.

Compose a Brief Introduction or ‘sound bite’ (limited to 255 characters).

Write the main article (limited to 5,000 characters). If your article is longer, it might be simpler to write a brief introduction with a link to the longer article perhaps on Facebook.

Leave a one-line gap after each bullet point or paragraph.

Add an external link by pasting the link address into the box provided. This link will appear at the beginning of your article.

You can upload two images to your article, a Primary Image and a Secondary Image. The Primary Image will appear at the start of your article, the Secondary Image at the end of it.

Every new article also has a thumbnail comprising your Headline, your ‘sound bite’ and an image:

The image in the thumbnail will be the Primary Image. If no Primary Image is selected the Secondary Image will appear.

The image selected for your thumbnail will also appear in the body of your article (Primary at top, Secondary at bottom). If you only want the image to appear in the thumbnail and don't want it in the article then save your work and go back to it later, edit and delete the Primary or Secondary image, it should still be in the thumbnail but disappear from the article.

If no images are selected for the thumbnail then the thumbnail will default to a basic OCC blue and white template.

You may also upload one or more pdf files to your article e.g., an insurance certificate or a parental consent form. This will appear at the foot of your article.

Save and inspect your completed article and thumbnail, re-edit anything which needs to be changed.


Be aware that anyone, including non-members, can view new articles posted so be careful in what detail you disclose and avoid disclosing personal details entirely.

Additional style

While you can add links, attachments and images to your article your flexibility is limited as the web pages are written in HTML, a language which has a more formal structure than the software and Social Media sites we are now used to. If you want to add a little more style to your article then the attached, brief guide may help.

If you are struggling to add an article contact the Club or Trevorbhowe@aol.com and we'll try to help.