In Case of Emergency

Emergency Contact Details (‘ICE’)

Members of Otley Cycle Club including unaccompanied under 18’s, are recommended to carry hard copy emergency contact details (‘ICE’) e.g., club or BC membership cards or ID bracelet, at all times when participating in any club activity. If members store this information on their mobile phones, they should ensure their phone is not locked and the details are accessible.

Ride Guides and Leaders must ensure all unaccompanied under 18s / vulnerable adults are carrying ICE details or have passed them their details to the ride leader.

Emergency situations

Most rides will go without an incident but sometimes there are accidents on our rides and the ride team will need to make sure that we look after everyone affected. In the event of an accident:

• Phone 999 or 112 (the Pan-European equivalent of 999 which can be used in the UK) explaining what has happened.
• Comfort and talk to the injured riders.
• Administer basic roadside first aid.
• Slow down traffic.
• Get blankets/coats to keep the riders warm from passing motorist and/or homeowners.
• Obtain details of In Case of Emergency contact so you can keep them updated (always carry your club card or other form of ID with the “ICE” number to help us find your contacts).
• If possible, find someone to take care of the bikes of the injured riders and any riders who go with them in the ambulance
• Take photographs of the road scene for any possible follow up – e.g., of pothole damage