Health & Safety policy

General commitment to Health & Safety

It is of major importance to Otley Cycle Club (henceforth known as ‘the Club’) to carry out its business in such a way as to avoid harm to its members, volunteers, contractors, supporters and all others who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities.

Health & Safety has a status comparable with other primary business objectives. Safe operating practices and members’ welfare are vital to the overall efficiency, reputation and success of the Club.

Health & Safety is everyone's responsibility and consequently forms an important part of the conduct of both elected committee members and ordinary members of the Club. Note that there are corporate and individual liabilities for failure to abide by the obligations of Health and Safety legislation.

The Club will observe the recommendations of British Cycling regarding risk assessment and will complete a risk assessment analysis for major events that the club hosts.

The Club is committed to obtaining the highest achievable standards of health, safety and environmental protection. Note that there are separate safeguarding policies, practices and procedures describing arrangements for junior members.

Policy Aims

The continuous improvement of safety in the Clubhouse and at events organised or hosted by the Club.

To provide a safe and healthy recreational and business environment.

To eliminate the use of products and practices that are found to have an adverse effect on people or the environment.

Policy Objectives

To comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974 and associated Regulations and Codes of Practice.

To establish and maintain effective systems and plans for managing the health, safety and welfare of all members.

To ensure that significant risks are properly assessed, whether within or out with the Clubhouse. These risks will be documented and publicised.

To establish and maintain clear written standards and procedures to control significant risks to health, safety and the environment and to ensure that these standards and procedures are adhered to.

To ensure that designated club members are competent and able to perform their Health & Safety related tasks, through the provision of adequate training and necessary information.

To maintain an effective system of consultation with members on health, safety and environmental issues.

To observe fire regulations and to document emergency procedures that can be implemented, given such circumstances.

To ensure that all accidents are properly investigated and appropriate corrective actions are taken.

To promote an increased awareness of safety issues and to maintain an effective system of consultation with members on health, safety and environmental issues.

To maintain an effective system of monitoring and reviewing health and safety.

This policy and associated procedures will be regularly reviewed and up-dated annually to reflect changes in legislative, organisational, operational and management arrangements.


Club members are responsible for assessing their own individual risks while taking part in Club activities. These risks include road safety, an assessment of their own particular safety measures and the suitability of any cycles or other equipment that they use. Although advice and guidance may be offered by Club officials, members are also responsible for their physical fitness and capability to participate in Club events.