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OCC E-Bike policy

OCC encourages and welcomes all cyclists. E-Bikes are seen as a timely addition to the cycling scene, enabling users to keep riding, make friends and in our case, enjoy the wonderful Yorkshire countryside. E-Bikes greatly extend the ride life and enjoyment of many riders and over time will become increasingly popular.

This policy is designed for adult riders over the age of 18 years and sets out how E-Bikes should be used on club rides to ensure they are enjoyed by one and all.

This policy applies to all legal E-Bikes – road (drop and straight handle bars), mountain bikes and gravel bikes.


1. OCC expects all riders to ensure they join a ride that is commensurate with their skills and experience.

2. It is not the responsibility for a club Ride Leader to determine if members are using an E-bike, nor what class of E-bikes may be in use.

3. It is the responsibility of the E-Bike rider to look after their bike and to choose the correct ride. The same riding etiquette applies to E-Bike riders as to the rest of the club riders. Any rider displaying reckless or irresponsible riding behaviour, regardless of bike type, may be requested by the Ride Leader to drop from the group ride.

4. Your E-Bike should comply with UK law when used on the road, its motor should cut out above 20kph (15.5 mph). It should be pedal assist (not ‘twist and go’) i.e., the E-Bike must not move without pedalling.

5. Throttle E-Bikes are strictly prohibited on all OCC club group rides.

6. E-Bikes may be used on the club’s annual Reliability Ride and on other Reliability Rides, Sportives and Audax type rides, if allowed by the event organiser. However, while organisers may allow E-Bike riders to have their brevets stamped at Audax check points, they might not, if aware, allow final times to submitted. It follows E-Bike riders should make their own enquiries about an event.

7. It does not appear that riders can enter an E-Bike into a CTT organised time trial, where bike designs have historically been very strictly regulated.

8. An E-Bike rider should ride at the pace of the other riders. When climbing hills, e-Bike riders should show consideration to the other riders and ensure they wait at the top of climbs.

9. An E-Bike rider should be certain they have sufficient battery reserve for the ride they have chosen (fully charged battery and spare if needed). It is not the Ride Leader’s responsibility to ensure that the E-Bike rider is safely returned to the start point should they run out of battery, the E-Bike rider should be of adequate fitness and capability to look after themselves if they leave the group during a ride.

10. Only riders over 14 years of age may ride an E-Bike on the road in the UK. Acceptance of all youth/junior riders is subject to the ride leader’s discretion after completion of the appropriate parental consent form which can be found at parental consent form.

11. Adults who are required to ride an adapted bike, such as an E-Trike should contact the club Welfare Officers to discuss this.